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Local Spotlight: "Simply OMG Cuisine" is a must try restaurant!

Today I want to highlight an AMAZING local business that just went under a transformation along with further transformations on the way!!!

Now by sharing this, it’s going to be much harder for us to get a reservation for dinner, but I just can’t keep this restaurant a secret, and I absolutely LOVE sharing amazing small businesses when I come across them!

Have you come across the restaurant “Simply OMG Cuisine?”  

Formerly known as OMG Poutine, they were previously known for their unique and delicious poutine meals.  However, they have totally revamped and rebranded themselves into a new gourmet restaurant that serves superior quality, completely homemade, and high end dishes.

Here we are after a fabulous dinner with the amazing and kind-hearted owners. You truly feel the love that Kathy puts into every single homemade dish! You feel right at home as soon as you walk in...

Don’t let its location of Eastland Plaza fool you….We met some friends there for dinner last week and I can confidently say it’s the best dinner I have ever had at a restaurant in Sarnia (and I’m extremely picky with food as I love to cook myself)!

The decor is simple, and the space is not very large; however, they are undergoing a large expansion in the next couple of months to seat 80 with an upscale vibe when it’s all completed.

We had a really tough time deciding what to have on the menu because it all sounded incredible.

Bill ordered the roasted duck with a cranberry and balsamic demi glaze shown here:

Modern Green Kitchen

I went with Kathy’s famous meatloaf.  I’m not normally a meatloaf person but if Kathy was famous for this, I was going to try it.  (It was the best thing ever) shown here:

White Kitchen with Open Wooden Shelves

Our appetizers were crab cakes, and our dessert was a lemon custard cake.

Bathroom with a black metal and wooden vanity.

We highly recommend this restaurant, and I realize by sharing this it may be harder for me to get in, but that’s okay…when I see a good thing I love to share!

I've also included a link here to their website so that you can preview their amazing menu!

Hope to see you there!


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